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Yoga in Schools Program

Calm Kids Yoga Boy in Yoga PoseCalm Kids Yoga In Schools Program inspires children to explore yoga and creative movement as a positive form of expression to develop the child as a whole. Students develop:

  • their ability to concentrate
  • techniques to relax at will and to overcome stress
  • body awareness and control
  • self esteem as they observe their own progress

The program can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your school, your students and learning outcomes to correlate with your classroom themes. Typical program highlights include:

  • Creative movement
  • Yoga stretches
  • Breathing
  • Visualisation
  • Deep relaxation
  • Bedtime routines

Teachers love Calm Kids Yoga too!

A popular time to hold Calm Kids Yoga classes is after recess. Children typically find it hard to re-focus on their school work after the bell calls them from the playground. It is wonderful to hear feedback from classroom teachers as they observe the visible difference in their students after class - the transformation to calmness is often quite dramatic!


To book a program for your school, phone 0402 124 509.


Workshop sessions are allocated 30-50min time slots. Program options include:

  • Whole school involvement
  • Single year level
  • Afternoon sport (intra school)

Approach to Teaching and Learning

Yoga and creative movement can have positive influence on the cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, physical, social, moral and spiritual attributes of the learner. They have many elements that are beneficial to all that practice. Not all of these elements can be graded. For a teacher to evaluate a child’s self expression or imagination in an activity could be quite a daunting task. Sensitivity, rhythm, self-expression and imagination develop a child’s social skills and are integral to their education. With yoga and creative movement the process can be equally, if not more, significant than the end product.

To find out more

Phone 0402 124 509 to find out more about the Calm Kids Yoga In Schools program. Classroom teachers may also be interested in our Resources section. If you'd like to be sent regular classroom management tips and relaxation exercises you can do at school, then why not sign up now for our newsletter.

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