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In our resources section you'll find informative articles, excerpts from our favourite resources, and more for Children, Carers and Educators.

Meditation with a Feather (Try this!)

 Duration 5mins
You will need a feather for each child. The best feathers are stiff on the top and fluffy on the sides.

  • Sitting with your feather at neck level, about 30cm away from your mouth.
  • Your eyes are partly open and gazing out at the feather. Notice the feather’s beautiful colour and shape as you do this exercise
  • Experiment with your breath by blowing soft enough to move the fluffy part of the feather and then blow hard enough to move the stiff part of the feather.
  • Do each breathe again.  This time notice which type of breathing is slow and long and which is fast and hard.
  • Notice how you feel with each breath. Does one make you feel relaxed and calm—maybe even sleepy?  Does one make you feel excited or energized? Which one?

Free Resources to Download

10 Top Tips for Surviving Bedtimes (11KB PDF) 

  • Top tips compiled by Marneta Viegas who has developed a pioneering system of children’s relaxation using breathing, affirmations, massage and visualisations.

Positive Thinking for Kids (13KB PDF)

  • Article by Marneta Viegas on the power of positive affirmations for children.

5 Simple Exercises to Relax your Child or Classroom (45KB PDF)

  • Relaxation exercises to calm. 

10 Minute Classroom Re-focus (32KB PDF)

  • Some simple yoga postures that students can do at their desks to quickly re-focus on their school work after the bell calls them from the playground.

Lesson Plan - Yoga for Kids - "Peace" (54KB PDF) Lesson Plan - Yoga for Kids - "Courage" (51KB PDF)

Free Colouring-ins

Click on an thumbnail for the fullsize image  

 Courage Pose Peace Pose Patience Pose

More for Educators

Our In School Programs include ‘follow-on’ lesson plans for classroom teachers to continue the Calm Kids Yoga experience with your students. Additional resources are also available for purchase separately.

Professional Development for classroom teachers is also available on request and can be tailored to meet the needs of your school. All sessions include notes and resource lists. Example topics can include:

  • Mediations for children
  • Dance warm up ideas and safe dance practice
  • Designing a movement class
  • Designing a relaxation class
  • After lunch or bedtime routines

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